Studio VJEMY based in Prague, Czech Republic created collection of retro geometric porcelain. Porcelain set’s geometry refers to Czech cubism and also takes the inspiration from other fields. The principle of cubism was based on the crystal – a geometrically complex structure composed of inclined surfaces and sharp edges.

Another inspiration is Islamic art, and endlessly repeating patterns, the most usual is hexagonal grid. By the multiplication and assembling of each symmetrical geometric objects from the porcelain set the unpredictable three-dimensional patterns are born. There are always several options of assembling possible for each object. Transferring these pattern to 2D graphics purely Islamic ornaments arise.

The production is handmade and it is held a Czech republic. Design and production of the porcelain set has been in progress during years 2012-2015.

Design: Svetlana Koženova & Adam Cigler
Photography: Anna Pleslová


mugs and bowls ornament

cups ornament

small bowl ornament

sugarbowls ornament

tea set

coffee set

mug and bowls set


geometric porcelain in action