#gezi Concept
Mirror & Wall Clock
#gezi Coasters
Blood Shot
#gezi Mirror after production
#gezi Wall Clock after production
Technical Drawings

…15 days, 150,000 tear gas canisters, all fired at the people who tried to open the eyes of the blind, the eyes of those who refused to see, of those who wanted to silence the voice of reason, drowning it in clouds of endless smoke. It happened, and still is happening, in Turkey, Taksim Gezi park, where citizens of all different ideologies, ethnic groups and classes, gathered and stood as one.
As the days passed, the gas masks worn by the protestors became a symbol; inspiring Bersun Erturk to design these three unique items, once ordinary products in our daily lives, now a reminder of the moments that everybody lived as they stood up for a healthy democracy.
…a mirror, a clock and coasters; all in the shape of a gas mask.
Anytime you see your reflection in the mirror, you will remember you were a part of it, be it on the ground, in flesh and blood, or over this borderless, wireless, universal network of minds and souls. The clock will remind you of the moments passed, of the moments when time stopped, moments which hopefully will never be repeated. While the coasters prevent what shall be an avoidable spillage of rage and chaos…
The material used is multi-layered plywood with a layer of mirror finish, resembling the diversity, depth and unity of the Turkish people, all standing for one aspiration, defending one dream, under one sky, moved, sustained and spread through a social movement worldwide, and immortalised in one word: #gezi.