Gig Pack on backpack form
Wearing the Gig Pack
Assembling the scooter handle
Assembling the rear wheel
Assembling the front wheel
Standing on the Gig Pack after assembly
Standing on the Gig Pack after assembly
Gig Pack in scooter form
Gig Pack board
Gig Pack assembled in scooter form

the gig pack is a scooter backpack for the daily use, intended to be used to travel small and medium distances it is made of an aluminium structure attached to a nylon backpack. the scooter’s rear end is folded to the inside of the backpack, but still you can use it to keep a lot of stuff inside, and there is also a notebook compartment. great for the daily use due to portability and small size this way you can fold it back to the backpack form and get on a train, bus or metro. holds up to 90kgs riders and with large rubber wheels, holes on the track are no longer a concern. since when folded its size is of a regular backpack now there are no more excuses to use alternative transportation and avoid traffic.