Inspired by the classic 18th century “Lazy Susan” turntable, the limited edition ‘Gin Wheel’ is a modern twist modeled after the Golden Age of entertaining throughout the world. Hand-crafted from exotic walnut, the portable unit spins on a brushed stainless steel plate and opens up to reveal sleek and hidden alcoves that house everything one needs to make the perfect Sapphire EAST “Gin & Tonic” at home – botanicals, garnish, ice, high-quality bar tools, glassware, removable cutting boards, coasters and custom made stainless steel tongs that double as a locking mechanism.

The Gin Wheel’s unique design, which marries style, history and superior functionality for the resurgence of the classic cocktail era. And with the assistance of Avro|KO’s lead design team, the serious bartender now has a refined, top quality vessel to not only serve the perfect cocktail, but house the instruments that are indispensable to his craft.

Innovative, stylish and artfully crafted — this will be the quintessential mixology “must have” for any self-respecting home entertainer. It is sold exclusively though THE FUTURE PERFECT (New York & San Francisco store locations) for $500. It is only available until December 2013!