GIRA Table is a structure in steel (18 mm thickness) with black electrostatic paint, topped with MDF coated sheet Zebrawood, 76.5 cm high (top), 90 cm high (total), 100 cm wide and 70 cm deep.

With the lack of space in our apartments today and as more people work at home or take work home, Fogo Design and Tácio Ferraz, both from Brazil, came up a contemporary line of desks for the home office. With the right size for those who have a laptop, or simply for those who want a desk with a beautiful design and a place to read and write.

Fogo Design was founded by Miguel Sanches and Ramses Marcal, designers who are involved in a variety of areas, from product design to corporate branding to building sets for corporate events. They provide services to a number of Brazilian companies and have a very strong conceptual focus.