Just shown this week at Foscarini’s stand at Euroluce, Glassdrop is one of the newest additions to the Diesel with Foscarini collection.

Like a drop of mercury, the elongated and sinuous shape of this lamp is strongly characterized by its chromed surface and metallic reflections.

Glassdrop, the new suspension lamp designed by the Diesel Creative Team and brought to life by Foscarini’s know-how and experience in materials, leads a double life: when it is off, the chromed aluminium surface finish offers a decorative mirror effect that vanishes once the lamp is switched on, revealing a warm light that fluctuates as it filters through the hand crafted blown glass.

Contemporary and unmistakable in its bold and tapered silhouette and aluminium finish, Glassdrop is expressive everywhere, whether in domestic or in contract settings. Its character stands out especially in multiple installations, like a precious piece of jewellery with several pendants, creating a youthful setting with a strong personality.

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