Glow lampshade purple by Gráinne Lyons Design
Glow reversible lampshade red by Gráinne Lyons Design
Glow reversible lampshade teal by Gráinne Lyons Design
Glow lampshade teal
Glow self-assembly, reversible lampshade by Gráinne Lyons Design

“Glow” is a flat pack, reversible lightshade which have been inspired my Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes. The self-assembly lightshade consists of 12 individual modules that slot together to form a 400mm sphere structure and requires no additional fittings for assembly.
“The planar modules used, produce forms that appear complex yet have a basic underlying principle. The fabrication of my design is just as important in my projects as the end result. I aim to evoke a certain unity within my pieces to show that each individual module is important to the structure of each piece as a whole. The “Glow” lightshade was created through an exploration of a particular process rather than a predetermined outcome.”
Made using polypropylene, it is 100% recyclable. The white polypropylene has been treated with a coloured backing meaning that the internal surface of the light glows in colour. The coloured backing also allows the light shade to be reversible and can be changed to suit the user’s mood.