Uni body shape
Ergonomic Shape
Costumization selection

Concept & Brand Design

As a Brand Smart delivers a portable, small vehicle with a young, individual soul for a urban pro-active life.

Their principles, are an opportunity to extend Smart portfolio to a set of items that integrates the Urban Pro-active Living. As so we ask, what if Smart philosophy was marked in small Gadgets ? The answer is the creation of a new line of Products under the name of “GO”.

In this project the decision to Go Smart by redesigning the Hair Dryer, was a chance to innovate in a product that suffered small changes along the time. GO Dry is a portable and convenient hair dryer for young and busy “Urban lifers”. First it was designed as a product to be portable, this is the reason for the uni body shape without fragile joints. The shape profile and the cordless usage is a best and tested solution for a comfortable and safe drying experience, all this practicality is enriched with a clever system of changeable panels that can be customized as a unique Go Dry hair dryer.