The house in Golden Mountains (Poland) is a low-energy and low-cost house designed from inside to outside – architecture was subordinated to the beauty of the region and its main goal was to show and highlight that potential. Neutral, light, spacious interiors with big framed windows expose selected views of the surroundings like great pictures in a gallery.
From the outside, the house is clad uniformly with long horizontal blocks of local sandstone, to blend naturally into the surroundings like a pebble on a mountain meadow, that has always been there. This kind of house is weather resistant and only gets better with age.

The house is currently under construction. Planned date of completion: summer 2014

Interior picture with rain outside:
Some simple solutions like linear drainage system instead of gutters, folding glass doors hiding in the wall, make the house a shelter that lets you experience the surroundings with all your senses.