The Golden Spurs are a well-known relic of the battle of Golden Spurs between the Flemish and the French. The battle took place in Kortrijk on the 11th of July in 1302 . The battle was fierce and lasted only 3 days. Even though the Flemish forces were smaller in numbers and were fighting French knights with cavalry and thousands of crossbowmen the battle was won by the underdog.

The aftermath of the battle gave the battle its name. The French soldiers had lost large numbers of golden spurs which were hung in local church in Kortrijk.

Today the Golden Spurs is still a symbol for the city of Kortrijk and the object is still given to visitors of Kortrijk’s town hall. The previous legislation wanted a modern version of the spurs. The concept of the re-design is a modern interpretation of the spurs of 1302 with great attention for their historical value but with a modern industrial approach. We did however focus on the moment of handing over the Gulden Spur by an official to a visitor of the city by spending detail on the case and the way the spurs are presented.

December 2012