In coincidence the simoultaneous opening of many art galleries in Milan, Subalterno 1 presents the exhibition “GommaPiuma Décor”, a collection of chairs, results of a meaningful research made by the designer Massimiliano Adami.
Sole pieces realized re-thinking the spare elements of the industrial production of sofas and stuffings: a project and a meditation on the material and on its expressive capabilities, with objects which can generate considerations.
The material, soft polyurethane (gommapiuma), through the manipulation of the industrial spare part and of the “fresh” polyurethane, takes a new aesthetic connotation, so strong that the textile covering is not necessary.
In addition to the unexpected graphics of the surfaces, the clear and precise cuttings with space orientation which seems to be random, define unusual structures of objects: familiar chairs and shapes of memories sensational in their simplicity.
This first collection is made of 9+1 pieces; from the realization of the first two pieces it has been obtained the material necessary for the further objects and so on and so forth. A “regeneration” procedure, with objects always different from the first one, which enlarge and define the recycling matter.
Never before each piece is sole as in this case!
During the opening evening, the tenth piece of the collections will be “carved”; an undefined and static bulk which will be reformed by the designer and the participants.
At the exhibition will be presented some expressive pictures which shown the process of realization of the pieces. They are part of the personal research made by Emanuele Zamponi, photographer from Milan; since 2009 he “studies” the world of artistic works of the Italian craft.