Store front of Restaurant redesign
Room service view
Mascotte on wall (handmade painted)

Let me offer you an interesting topic, linking trade and design possibly, from part of an interesting experience.

As designer (Benoit Beal design) acting in the field of interior, graphic and product design, I made a design plan to give a new standing for an Asian restaurant in St Etienne (France) in 2010.

This restaurant was 5 years old, but had failed to reach its customers in its catchment area, due to a new concept and a storefront with no identity to its concept.

The year after the design work, the restaurant has registered a turnover of +40.82%! (following on its annual accountant (n +1))
You can see comparative photo before / after see attached.

The design has had a significant impact in the growth of this restaurant, this growth is really above average by the design profession (via Andre Mounier President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St Etienne France at a design conference trade). Currently (n +2) is constant and stable.

A satisfaction survey of consumers agreed with this infatuation
96% love the result, 86% perceive it as modern / lounge and noted on work design of 5 4.66 (survey performed on 107 people with an average age of 33 years)

The message is simple and good for any business or other, who wants to bounce using the design profession.
This not only provide a new standing that increases in a non-negligible turnover, sales and brand notoriety, but also strengthens the motivation of managers and employees (from info back to the manager).

Due to these facts, I am coming to you, for it could be an interesting topic …. All to (re)make viewers aware of the benefits of design in this trade sector in creation or renovation and in generally.
Link to the redesign of this restaurant, with a video concept (also made by me):

Also possible to contact the manager: courrier@bolappetit.com
Ask Emilie (the manager)

Bol’appétit’s restaurant is 300 meters from the “cité du design”, including design biennale will run from March 14th to 31st of 2013

I remain at your disposal for any questions concerning this matter.

About me, I am self-taught and atypical career path, in professing design with intuitive and common sense. I take my personal and artistic enrichment of many trips made before ( twin professional).

To contact me: 0780029142 or contact@benoitbeal.com

King regards

Benoit Beal

PS: high resolutions pictures and descriptions can be provided to you

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