size comparison with notebook
top view
side view

Inspired by the classic leather notebooks, ‘Got Chess?’ is a fully functional chess set, but stripped to its essentials. By working with the silhouettes of the pieces, it walks the line between 2D and 3D. Because of this, only the ones who are playing have a complete overview of the pieces on the board. Bystanders will have to do with seeing lines move around on the board.

The set is lasercut (thanks to FabLab Genk) and hand varnished, so the natural wood grains would remain visible. It contains 4 tablets (2 for the black & white pieces and 2 to create the chessboard) of the same size each and a leather cover which also serves as a pad to play on. There are no screws, hinges, glue, or any other type of materials used, therefore there is no assembly necessary, and each single piece can easily be replaced.