River of Floating Stones
Between Air and Stone
Stone Totem 2
Stone Totem 1
Drifting Rocks
Winter Fog
Shimmering Pool
Long Winter Night

***Just a quick note before the project description: this series has been in the works for a few years and a few low-readership blogs (mainly from Russia) have used the images without permission. This is the first time the images have been submitted to a major web site.***

Granite Barrens is a series of black and white photography prints that takes viewers on a rarely seen journey through Nova Scotia’s South Shore. The unique viewpoint results from the images being made in windless conditions—seldom seen on this windswept coast—which results in boulders appearing to float in reflecting water pools. Seeing the granite barrens landscape without the wind reveals unearthly sights unknown to most travellers here. “Granite Barrens” shares the secrets of this landscape that are normally only available to long-term viewers.