Invaso, it's available to support climbing plants
Serravaso, it's a little greenhouse
Serravaso, it's a little greenhouse
Travaso, useful for the transfer of the plants
Trifoglio, It’s a modular system of support for climbing plants
Trifoglio, separator / decorator of environments

It’s a gardening home kit composed of 4 elements separately selling.

Serravaso It’s a little balcony/terrace greenhouse available in different sizes; inside it there’s the best environment for the plants growth, protected by cold, rain and hail. The greenhouse will be opened in the hottest day and when the plants will be grown enough, you can use a largest vase. A simple element adapted for people not so good in green activity too.

Invaso It’s an object available to support climbing plants. In first phase of their growth. It’s a paper of PP punched and folded up, colored or transparent, useful and beautiful to see.

Travaso It’s a “leaf” of PP which serves for effecting decant in optional way. The floor is preserved and, in few gestures, all land leaked during the decant operation is recovered. The two scraps on the sides make easy the taking and the use of the object.

Trifoglio It’s a modular system of support for climbing plants and some of it cane be assembled together to cover outside and inside walls. It’s anchored to the wall fixing the forms through spacers. The forms can be transparent or in the desired coloration. Trifoglio, once assembled, can be suspended from the ceiling by acting as a separator / decorator of environments.

Photo: Riccardo Gaglio