Hello !

My name is Amadeo Bologna I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I live in NY. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I really enjoy it.

I would like to show you a project I will launch very soon on Kickstarter.

The project, a container to pet’s ashes which also grows a tree native to an area and helps promote reforestation, was born after my dog passed away. The concept is to helping cope with the loss of one’s pet by nurturing a new life and making it into a positive experience. The product is called Greenfinit.

If this sounds interesting and you have 3 minutes of your time to spend, please take a look at the video in the link pasted below:

Video link (subtitles available in many languages):

I am also including the Kickstarter campaign link, which is not live yet, but you can look at it. It explains a bit more about what this project is about.

Kickstarter Campaign link:

The campaign is going to be online very soon, and I’m looking for different ways to promote it. You have a big audience and that would be a huge help to make this happen.

Thank you so much for giving me your time!

Best Regards,