The coals are lit thanks to the special structure of recycled cardboard box with an airflue in the middle
Light the paper wick at the bottom of the box
The coals will be ready in about 10 minutes.
Author: Andzei Matsukevits
Author: Andzei Matsukevits

It’s a product that makes charcoal grilling without lighter fluid as convenient as gas grilling.

Grillcube consists of just the right amount of lump charcoal packed into unique patent pending shape recycled paperboard box. Just light the box with one match and start grilling already in 10 minutes. There are no flavor ruining lighter fluid or additives in the product – charcoal is lit only thanks to the unique shape of the paperboard box. Also no worries that your hands, clothes or car gets dirty as you don’t have to deal with loose charcoal.

Grillcube was launched in retail chains in Baltic countries this summer and the company has plans to extend to North- and Western-Europe countries next year.

Unique selling point: Combination of starting your charcoal grill conveniently (easy, fast, without mess) and without use of lighter fluid additives (better flavor, greener, healthier).