Emphasis to the bottom of the furnitures
The uniqe shelf standing on is own legs
Wall mounted lighting
In the Process on the wood lathe
standing table - Playing with some marquetry

the Stool’s sand paper pressed in concave mold
uniqe  joinery work enable a strong form

The inspiration for the “Grit” furnitures series came from the love to materials that constantly develop a unique character of their own with the effect of time and wear.
Designing my furnitures, I decided to use sand paper as the main component through intervening in the process of attrition, where the sand paper practically becomes a kind of canvas.
The project introduces innovation in terms of materials and techniques that create texture by grinding a rich variety of wood on the paper.
The sand paper is Integrated within white oak constructions, which is built in fine craft carpentry and remained as exposed As possible.