Gru, table lamp
Gru, functional design
Flexible and adaptable lamp.
the light can be directed so as to meet all lighting needs
Endless combinations of light
The lightness of epoxy glass shapes an extremely light, flexible and adaptable lamp.

Flat design is the new minimal: the Gru lamp

This is a table lamp which completely revolutionizes the concept of “minimal” with its flat design outlined by simple, sharp lines which make this lamp innovative in form and material.
It’s called Gru and, in addition to being entirely two-dimensional, it is made with a material never before used to design a lamp: vetronite.

For the first time ever form and function align to create a designer item; the vetronite used in the printed circuits constitutes the structure of this swivel lamp and acts a conductor which turns on the LED lights set in the upper part of the lamp.

The durability and ductility of vetronite make this a very flexible swivel lamp: Gru may be adjusted at various angles, bent or even as a plane shape measuring just a few centimeters in height.

Gru was designed and produced by Illuministi, a movement whose goal is to introduce a new approach to lighting.

You may purchase Gru at our online store
www.illuministi.com along with other products which illustrate the concept of flat design by capitalizing on the ductility of vetronite.