Taking inspiration from an essay by Scottish philosopher David Hume, Gua-Le-Ni challenges the players to recognize and feed a bizarre series of paper beasts. Those impossible, combinatorial creatures will walk across the illustrations of an old bestiary, trying to flee from its pages. By twisting, turning and rearranging toy-cubes, the players must form the correct “name” of the animals and thus cataloguing them before it is too late! Some animals are carnivores, some herbivores; different food combinations may have the effects of rendering the beasts longer, shorter, more or less fast and valuable.

Gua-Le-Ni’s newest game mode (or book section, if you prefer) is titled ‘Poetry’ and it offers a different, original use for the game’s original gameplay. Instead of challenging the players to optimize their performance and dexterity under the pressure of an ever accelerating parade of beasts, the ‘Poetry Mode’ focuses on memory, creativity and relaxation accompanying gameplay with music and the verses of an old sonnet. With more beastly parts, a narrative structure and a series of new, delightful pencil backgrounds, the ‘Poetry Mode’ completes Gua-Le-Ni, making its playful taxonomy accessible to and engaging for anyone.

Direct link http://itunes.apple.com/it/app/gua-le-ni/id423352177?mt=8