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Guajiro furniture collection by Carilyn de la Vega and Carlos Pérez

Guajiro furniture collection was inspired by the hats of Cuban peasants (guajiros). This garment goes beyond the purely native and has become one of Cuban most popular handcraft traditions: basketwork. The aim of this project is to encourage Cuban basketwork tradition through the combination of old handcraft techniques with a contemporary approach. With this purpose, the designers worked with the craftsmen community from “el Malecon sin Agua”, located on the outskirts of Havana. The furniture collection comprises a low table, a sofa, a stool and a floor lamp. Each product alludes to the peasant hat telling us a particular story. Some of them combine functions such as support-lighting or lighting-containment. The low table is the axis of the collection and recreates a common anecdote: after a working day, guajiros frequently arrive home and put their hats on the table as a metaphor of the beginning of the rest. The table concept explores this particular moment, which is reinterpreted with an unexpected fictional meaning: during the day the hat works as energy reserve, and throughout the night it releases this energy as light.

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