Halftone Calendar with empty dots
Halftone Calendar with dots filled in
Halftone Calendar close up

Our Halftone Calendar is a unique twist on the yearly wall calendar. We use an oversized halftone screen consisting of 365 fill-in dots to represent the year. As each day passes, you color in one dot with a marker and gradually reveal a hidden image. With our special Halftoner tool you can upload, compose, adjust, and share your own images for free. We offer 24×24″ or 36×36″ printed calendars and posters and we provide a variety of images and examples to get you started.

It is a fun and original gift! The recipient of a Halftone Calendar won’t know what the image is until they’ve filled in nearly all of the dots. A calendar can be made with the image of a beloved pet, favorite idol or your own beautiful face. Give it a try for free!

For a graphical explanation of how our calendar works, please visit: http://candysign.com/calendar

To get started designing, pick a calendar or poster here: http://candysign.com/halftoner

Our products are designed, developed, and printed in the USA.