"Halo" lamp by designQ
"Halo" lamp in cafe bar "copin", Itami, Japan.
"Halo" lamp in cafe bar "copin", Itami, Japan.

The concept of this lamp is to integrate a small mirror into the lamp and reflect the light on to a seemingly unrelated surface. We call this lamp “Halo”, as it projects a ring of light on top of the lamp. There is a ring shaped mirror inside the lower part of the lamp that reflects the downward light from the lightbulb. The reflected light then goes through the slit between the upper and lower part of the lamp, projecting a ring of light onto the ceiling. This way, we were able to illuminate the tabletop and shed light onto the ceiling at the same time. Because we used a mirror to reflect the light, you can portray any given pattern or shape inside the ring, simply by covering the mirror in that shape.
Using this “Halo” lamp, we portrayed the word “copin”, onto the ceiling of a cafe bar. The reflected light can be seen from outside the cafe bar, hopefully arising curiosity as to where the light is coming from.
We believe in design that catches you with a pleasant surprise and fulfills your curiosity, and in this project, we did just that.

“Halo” pendant lamp
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