I make lamps by hand and have just launched my work at the London Design Festival.

Creating stand alone light structures and lamps from a combination of hard woods and metals.

Combining an Art Deco and Bauhaus aesthetic with themes of ornate symmetry and geometry, the resulting objects are both playful and functional, and all evoke strangely familiar forms, at once both animal and industrial.

Initially based around the structure of an wooden tripod artist’s easel, the light works have grown into a collection comprising table lamps, floor lamps and wall and ceiling mounted lights, as well as a selection of hand painted steel pendants.

Utilising hard woods including oak, beech and teak (new and reclaimed), combined with steel, brass and chrome, each piece has its own character created by the odd juxtapositions of materials. Standing at unusual angles and in strange positions, often with knuckles or limbs, they call to mind animals and insects, strange but friendly beasts.

All items are hand constructed in my North London workshop and no two are identical. Blurring the line between art and design, each lamp is an artwork in it’s own right, creating sculptural forms whilst remaining a fully functional object.

Each structure is signed and dated. All items are either one-offs or small run editions with piece to piece variation due to hand making techniques.

Launched in 2012.

I’ve attached a few images here – hi-res cut outs and my press release are available on my website, www.duhovich.com

I’ve just put up my website so it’s pretty bare bones…

Please get in touch if you’d like any more info.

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