My scarves are made of 100% natural silk, hand-painted with hand rolled hems. Each scarf bears the designer’s hand embroidered signature and each piece is unique. Scarves’ series “Touch” was inspired by how the dye “spills out” on the silk. This is the world of expression, watercolors, color bursts, dynamics, layered spaces… Each layer has a deep personal touch as silk cannot stand negligence and carelessness. Each scarf is unique because it is impossible to reproduce exactly the same pattern. A scarf is the expression of designer’s work and the ability of silk to “spread” colors. The result of this is always unique and unpredictable. Asta has a dream that one day two charming women wearing her hand painted scarves of the same design would meet and decide to play a “find 10 differences” game.

Please find below a short piece of information about me.

Asta Masiulyt? was born in Lithuania, a small country on the cost of the Baltic Sea. From an early age she watched her grandmother using the loom to make traditional Lithuanian quilts and weaving mats out of old clothing scraps, while her love for knit-wear came from watching her mother work at a knitting machine. In her teenage years, Asta was often embroidering and crocheting, her house was always full of thread, fabric and knit wear, so it’s not surprising that later she choose to study Textile Art at Kaunas Art Institute Vilnius Art Academy. With the master degree in her pocket and driven by love, Asta ended up in Spain. Here she plunged into the world of fashion and started designing clothes. Asta Masiulyte is a designer who focuses on the mixing of textiles and handmade details. Her priority is always natural materials: silk, wool, and linen. At the moment Asta’s focus is on hand painted silk scarves and their promotion. She believes that hand painted scarves are wearable art; it is not mass production without a human touch. Hand-work is a direct contact between a designer and a consumer, it’s something spiritual.