The form of the ceiling was generated parametrically for performance and integration. Photo by Daniel Swalec Photography
Each banner was cut and assembled by hand. Photo by Daniel Swalec Photography
Photo by Daniel Swalec Photography
Photo by Daniel Swalec Photography

The form of the acoustic ceiling at Tala Bistro in Latham, NY was parametrically generated to integrate with existing lighting and fire suppression systems, maintain code compliance, and maximize acoustic performance. The sculpture undulates in a sequence of thin vertical fabric banners for an efficient coverage area while the glossy black ceiling of the bistro remains visible overhead. Each of the more than five hundred banner components were hand cut and assembled. The resulting installation controls noise levels and provides a conversation-friendly, intimate acoustic environment.

Concept, Design, Fabrication, and Installation by Zackery Belanger
Client: Leah Tyrrell, Tala Bistro, Latham, NY
Tala Architect: Neil Pelone Architecture
Photographs: Daniel Swalec Photography
Installation assistance by Ryan McCabe