Coffee table / material :Korean paper, cement
Pendant Lighting  / material :Korean paper, cement
The appearance before paper attach
material :Korean paper, cement

This project is a project that utilizes Hanji, the traditional paper of Korea. Hanji is the traditional paper of Korea which is made by extracting raw material from the mulberry tree. Hanji is hard and sturdy enough to have been used as armor in the past. These lights and furniture are series products that use the hard characteristic of Hanji. Mulberry fiber has a longer and more tangling characteristic than other kinds of paper and such a characteristic becomes even more harder when mixed with cement. Cement is mixed in between mulberry fiber and acts as an adhesive. The method of manufacturing this series is to mix the cement and Hanji and attach it to the frame after making the frame(this is capable whether it be styrofoam or soil). Then after heating it and drying it, the body is separated from the frame. Then, the paper is added to the body to strengthen the shape, and dyed Hanji is attached to the surface. The texture of the Hanjji is added to the surface so that a rugged, random and unique texture is expressed. Lastly, finishing material is applied for use to remove any inconvenience.
The pendant lighting makes the unique more protruded.
These series products are exhibited at the 2013 maison & objet.