Dr. Squeeze and Dr. Hug
Their first patients
Oxytocin pill container
Inside the container
Front of the leaflet
Front of the leaflet
Front of the leaflet
Back of the leaflet
Back of the leaflet
Opposite page of the leaflet

Hello MocoLoco staff,
my name is Mirco Fragomena, 24y freelance designer born in Milan, but based in Berlin.

I have the pleasure to introduce my graduation project that is finally online and viewable for all of you!
My focus for this project was about the notion of Happiness.
I worked on it both psychologically and scientifically, but with a touch of fun and love.
I worked with some “special people” (as we call them, maybe because they are really special) helping them too.

But what is happiness, this misty thing that we are all looking for?
And how much is important if I’ll tell you that depression is becoming the main chronic disease just in some years?
The value of happiness changes, and we’re getting more care of it, because it’s something that we all want!
But we still don’t know how many powerful our bodies are to increase it really easily.
We are a “living medicine”, both for us and others.

A hug is a real medicine, and we can take it when we want,
increasing health for our body and our mind.
They release oxytocin and serotonin, the happiness hormones,
and they are the cure for all!

In attachment you can find some pictures of the project and a text-file with its description (both in ENG and ITA).
And here you can find a link of the project http://bit.ly/16pD5ls

Thank you for your time,
best regards.

Mirco Fragomena