Happy Face close-up
One of the monumental trees in Rotterdam
City guide and one of the signs located in front of the tree
City guide being used
An impression of how the Happy Faces interact
Happy Faces in someone's home
Front cover of the city guide
Spread out of the city guide

June 2011 an article in de Volkskrant stated that today’s city people are just as sensitive and irritable as a stressed out test-animal. Fortunately, research proved that nature and green, even a representation of it, is enough to calm down the stressed brain.

Happy Faces focuses on the interaction between man and nature in the city. Each Happy Face is a unique infographic of one of the top 10 monumental trees located in Rotterdam. Bundled as a booklet, they form a city-guide to locate and visit the trees. The trees are recognizable by a sign which is placed in front of each tree. This sign shows the visual of the corresponding Happy Face mask.

The physical masks mirror, in an interactive way, the mental state of city people and the effect nature can have on them. The purchase cost of a Happy Face would be donated to the national tree-foundation.