Hazy blanket


A blanket similar to a landscape and an ocean – the world from a bird’s eye view. Your individual imagination creates own worlds.

Hazy is a home accessory that can be combined with your dreams and creativity and to which a personal part of the owner can be added. Just like a piece of art, this product can, in a higher sense, become a component or element of your own being.

And yet Hazy is based on a very simple principle: the combination of two complementary colors that create a dynamic space through color gradients and the intertwining of different tones. The abstract watercolor appears to have been created by chance; pure intuition produced the dissolution of form and autonomy of colors.

Its smooth transitions give the watercolor a lightness and tenderness, thereby creating a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Due to the large-scale two-colored pattern, the blanket can be integrated perfectly into a wide variety of living spaces. The high-quality textile measures 175 x 130 cm and is made in Sweden of 100% soft cotton.

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