The Trash Closet by Dutch designers Marijke & Sander Lucas is a monumental cabinet that utilizes leftover furniture that would normally end-up in a landfill. By incorporating leftover furniture to produce an outstandingly functional and eye-catching storage unit; these Dutch designers strive to inform individuals about our global furniture-waste catastrophe.

These designers wanted people to realize that human beings need to be conscious of how much furniture humans are wasting each year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s statistics of 2009: 9.8 million tons of furniture ended up in landfills in the USA during 2009. This staggering number is very significant considering the EPA states that furniture is the number one item in households which is recycled the least.

The possibilities of creating high-end furniture with recycled furniture in order for people to be more environmentally conscious was an primary motivator for these Dutch designers.

According to Sander Lucas “ Considering the environmental devastations occurring on a global-scale; ranging from deforestation in the Amazon to our global consumerism crisis, The Trash Closet is intended to be an aesthetic attention grabber with the purpose of educating individuals to be more cautious with what they do with old furniture.”

The Trash Closet uses furniture that was found lying in the streets of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Most individuals would consider furniture in the streets as trash, but if you look closer to what we ‘deem’ as trash, we can create beautiful pieces of functional art that can serve as an educational tool.

The final prototyping, production, and conceptualization was sponsored by Dutch Design Only and is available as a limited edition.

Marijke & Sander Lucas are a Dutch design duo that founded their own design studio Lucas en Lucas and are known for staying true to the Dutch Design philosophy. Their products scream quirkiness and originality. By modifying, adding and amalgamating, they create new products and finish them with a special eye for detail.

Link to the design-product: http://dutchdesignonly.com/furniture/storage/trash-closet/
Author: Alexandre Levarek
Photography Credits: Rene Mesman