He Who Harvests The Night Sky - Day light
He Who Harvests The Night Sky - Night time
Hunt & Gather - part of the Fish Out Of Water series
Incendiary - part of the Fish Out Of Water series
Junior Birdman
Mother's Embrace
Return From Matter - Boy
Return From Matter - Girl

Day and night act as visible dimensions in our daily lives. The presence and absence of light reflecting off our surroundings also creates the transformation of the physical dimension. I wanted to create a painting that explored the relationship between the visible and physical dimensions we experience every day. The result is comprised of a separate layered foreground and background, creating a heightened sense of depth, which gives the painting a physical dimension, while the glow in the dark segments help create a visible dimension between day and night. Throughout the day the painting transforms as the sun casts an ever changing shadow between the foreground and background. As the sun sets and the light diminishes, the painting emits its own light, transforming shape, colour, and meaning.