Hephaestus by Bandit9
Handcrafted stainless steel tank
Handcrafted stainless steel fender
The Bandit Chief
The cockpit
Taking it for a spin


Over the last couple of years, Moco Loco has been very kind to publish 3 of my previous custom motorcycles Loki, Magnus and Nero. Today, I’d like to share the latest creation from Bandit9. We call it “Hephaestus,” named after the greek god of blacksmiths.

An evolution of a 400cc Honda Bros, Hephaestus shed its original plastic cocoon and is reborn with a steel exoskeleton. The gas tank and gas cap, cowl, and fender were all handcrafted from stainless steel. There’s nothing soft about Hephaestus.

You can see more photos on our website: http://www.banditnine.com/hephaestus/

I hope you like it.

Daryl Villanueva
The Bandit Chief