Concept : Hide and Seek – Space divider

Hide & Seek consists of a series of three space-dividers.

Tree – separates space into three parts for one’s privacy.
Bush – divides and groups space into spaces.
Nest – allows you to have privacy underneath it while making a phone call for a couple of minutes.

The structure is a combination of marble, wood and metal frames inside upholstered fabric.

Hide & Seek space-dividers remind one of playing in the backyard,
dealing with the notion of privacy in public space.

Project Description: Play

Play is becoming synonymous with creativity and problem solving.
Design is a problem solving process that relies on creativity.
Lately, designs have efficiently answered their functions.
Another new object then needs to attract users among all other perfectly functional objects.

My project focuses on a secondary function that will surpass primary function and cause it to give an object its ‘appeal’.

How does an object make one feel? The ‘want’ that surpasses the ‘need’.

The project explores the perspective toward furniture and product design with the integration of play as a design method in order to create the object that not only blurs the line between function and emotional appeal, but also maintains physical performance while addressing emotional needs.


Photo by Decha Archjananun