Col·lec takes part in the street art festival Ús Barcelona, in Eix Pere IV, a neighbourhood of Barcelona marked by the industrial rise of the last century.

Higinia, a resident of the neighbourhood, gave the installation it’s name. She told the members of the collective about the transformations and migration cycles that had taken place over the past 60 years, all tied to the economical feeling present in the factories, like La Escocesa (an old textile factory). Making the most of these experiences, they built three giant pendulums in front of La Escocesa, representing the movement of the festival attendees and mimicking those of the residents.


Aerial view of the working installation

Children creating posters

Drying process

A member of Col·lec during the installation

Paint dispenser

Detail of a poster drying in open air

Girl signing her creation

Participant creating their poster

Participant launching the paint dispenser

The paint traces capture people’s passing