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Organisational system amidst the charm of simplicity is the main idea behind His & Her. Everyone has his or her own unique way to get ready before leaving the house; a unique way to apply make up, style their hair, choose their accessories, or even apply perfume. Therefore, the dressing table is actually very personal, directly reflecting the preferences of the user.

Observing the behaviour of males and females, His & Her is a vanity hub that allows a couple to individualise their shared space. A simple marble top with strategically designed zig-zag sliding rails help hold the wooden “islands” in place, allowing the users to add, remove and rearrange their belongings. The wooden “islands” are containers designed with different shapes and sizes which help categorise the users’ belongings such as make-up, hair products, necklaces, earrings, watches and so on. Taking note of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, laying out all the products horizontally allows the users to spot what they want quickly, removing the need for a seat that often comes with conventional dressing tables.

On top of this, the two mirrors reflect different preferences. Women often take more time and products to get ready. The round mirror is intended for longer period of use as the women apply make-up in close range. On the other hand, the rectangular mirror is more suitable for men who just want a quick check up of their appearances.

Over time, as the users’ styles and preferences evolve, the versatility of this vanity hub would still make it relevant, always allowing the users to design his and her own vanity landscape whilst sharing one space harmoniously.

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