I’m a San Francisco-based designer working on projects that span between furniture and product design. One project is a bee hive concept modeled after the popular Langstroth hive.

Here in the Bay Area and across the country beekeeping is growing in popularity as more residents become attuned to the greater eco-systems at work in their gardens. After seeing beautiful gradens with old and unsteady hives, I decided to examine how to make a simple and functional hive that would make a beautiful addition to our urban and suburban landscapes.

I designed this Hive concept, drawing on my background in furniture design and with a nod towards its architectural function. The aesthetics draw on a mix of architectural design elements from clapboard siding on new England homes to the monolithic stances of brutalist architecture.

This hive is designed to make use of self-skinning plastics that provide balance between strength, light weight and effective thermal insulation (something the bees will appreciate in colder climates).

This hive is intended to compliment its surroundings without overpowering the landscape. Usability is also a key concern addressed through the interlocking stacking system and integrated handles surrounding the hive boxes.

I hope you find inspiration in this concept and more people will discover the critical roll of insects in our gardens.

Feel free to contact me for more information. You can always view my website at philipdelosreyes.com