Doodles from Remko’s sketchbook with the first sketches of Hobbel.
Early process CAD rendering showing a version with a continuous frame.
The first mock-up...
It was really hard to find the right bending tool for our (spline curved) tubes. Somehow it was a lot easier to find a ‘test pilot’.
Special edition ‘Silver Prince’ with blue details.
Soft-coated ‘Fire brigade’ edition with black details.
The Hobbel family.

Hobbel designed by Blooey fits the essence of a rocking horse in an icon of simple tubes. Its purity appeals to design loving parents and kids alike.

When toddlers arrive any carefully designed interior turns into a scrapheap of toys and kids stuff. And since cleaning up isn’t exactly what kids love to do most, in many cases it remains a mess for the next 16 years or so. We wondered what would happen if we could make a ‘design’ object that is equally good looking as it is a lot of fun to play with!