The inspiration for Hopper comes from a childhood memory, when the grandmother was hitting a sofa with a carpet beater, and the sound was echoing in the neighbourhood. It was a morning ritual, a good habit we are gradually losing. Today it is less poetic, carpet beaters have almost disappeared and appliances have replaced them.

Led by these memories, Guglielmo Brambilla and Zeyu Rong (students at Kolding Designskolen, in Denmark) decided to redesign this object from the past and reimagine it in a new attractive shape, aiming to make people curious and to encourage them to reintroduce an old cleaning ritual.

The delicate and elegant language transforms a forgotten artefact into a design accessory, with the ultimate goal of creating a stronger emotional bond between Hopper and its owner, making the product last more.

People will feel invited to use it and in this way, they will maintain their nostalgia.

Hopper can be used to beat the dust from pillows, duvets, and carpets and its name recalls the flexibility of rattan.

The body is realized in solid beech wood, the fibers in rattan and the holder in leather.
The shape of the fibers is obtained by steaming them on a mould.
The use of rattan creates a continuity with the original artefact. At the same time, by combining the flexibility of the canes with the hardness of solid beech wood and the leather, a clear distinction from the archetypal shape is defined.


Guglielmo Brambilla and Zeyu Rong reimagine the carpet beater


using Hopper

the fibers pressed on a duvet, while hitting it

detail of the rattan fibers’ shape

detail of the connection of the handle to the head

detail of the leather holder and its connection to the handle

components’ overview