Exterior view
Exterior corner detail
Corner detail
Side garden
Main living space
View of main living space from underneath skylight
Second floor corridor
Upper floor study/play room
Stair hall

The design of this house is an important one for our studio as we continue our search to actively integrate natural ventilation and daylight to promote healthy and comfortable living condition in a tropical climate. The site is located at the corner of a dense housing block in central Jakarta. The house must respect setback lines both front and side of the plot. This became an advantage as we further developed the project. Most interior rooms has access to natural ventilation that is controllable via a series operable window panes.

The clients, with two children, came to us seeking a house design which would address several key issues they were facing from their previous house. The first is the children’s health and well being. The new house should maximize an open floor plan on the ground floor and to connect the living space with a side garden for the kids to play. The living space will be used to entertain guests and family members, especially during the holiday season, which address the second issue of flexibility. The third is growth. This family has an interest in collecting artworks and mementos as they travel locally and internationally so the house should adapt to their growth as a family.

From the start of this project, our clients were determined to enjoy living in a house designed for tropical climate where the kids can grow up in a healthy and eco-friendly environment. The family has been living in their new house since June 2011. Our client’s children health has made significant improvement and the family has reduced spending cost on electricity bills. We are pleased to learn that our design solution has proved to be a positive experience for our clients and their children.

House 6, Jakarta.

The house geometric presence gives a striking sculptural quality in a crowded residential block in central Jakarta. The mass is crisp, with window openings, curves gently around first floor corner and bends slightly inward towards the back. Setback lines allow for carport and side garden to occupy transitional areas. A perimeter wall envelopes the side garden to maintain privacy and provide security for the house occupants. The overall exterior composition is responsive from all viewing angles against neighboring houses and enhances its corner location.

A continuous interior space on the ground floor is for living, entertaining and displaying art. Load bearing walls free up the first floor from supporting columns to maximize the living area with definitive zones of activities. The open ground floor space is calming as one enters the room overlooking the side garden and an open interior patio for potted plants. By allocating open spaces on a diagonal axis, the main living space is well ventilated throughout the day. The dining area is connected to the side garden by two floor-to-ceiling screen doors.

A tall skylight bathes reflected natural daylight into the interior space. In this way, the house is bright and requires minimum additional lighting even on a cloudy day. A staircase to the upper floor occupies this tall space. The study/play room receives full advantage of the skylight and the tall space for natural lighting as well as circulation of fresh air. Second floor windows frame interesting views of the neighboring mature trees and other neighborhood sight lines without sacrificing privacy.