street view
2. floor yard
2. floor yard
cloak room
former house
1. floor yard

Soho Architects built a townhouse with two housing units located in the southern parts of the historic centre of Memmingen. Designed as a “three-window house”, its appearance towards the street space represents the typical image of a townhouse. The conture of the mansard roof, the structural level and the footprint of the former building were adopted and adapted to today´s standarts. A punctuated facade, including a backfill of the gable per floor, interprets in a pure way historical themes of decoration and form design. Each unit has its own access from Kempter street and each one leads through four storeys from the ground floor to the attic. The arrangement of dogleg stairs in the centre of the building, via an access zone, ties the two units both to the public Kempter street and to the private yard in the west. From the second floor and up, the rooms orientate themselves towards either the north or southside. This generates a multifaceted and flexible living environment which, along with a garden, balcony and roof terrace, offers many of the pleasures of living in the countryside but in the middle of the city.