The house is located near the forest in a suburb area of individual houses. The aim of this project was to make a house, that was a reflection of his residents’ life. Fresh air, light and a sense of space, that always reacts to the surroundings.

An outdoor swimming pool in the courtyard acts as an important element of the house and large windows maximize the connection of internal and external spaces. These elements were born while consistently speaking with a customer about his love of sailing.

The arrangement of the rooms is mainly affected by the customer’s lifestyle and habits. Individual life scenario is integrated to the plan of the house, so the moving in the house becomes consistent, logical and, most importantly, personalized to the needs of residents. The resident of the house moves according to his usual schedule, not in the trajectory, which was imposed by the architect.

The position of the rooms in this house is a result of privacy aspiration. The most private rooms are located in areas, that are almost hidden from the visitors. Different spaces of the house require different lighting and contact with the outside. Some spaces are important when greeting the day while others function better throughout the day or in the evenings. Combining all of these aspects in the structure of the house, it does not only become functional but comfortable, warm and cozy.

Great attention was paid to the links between the different functional areas. These links with their expressed or hidden individual aesthetics, has become the main carcass of this house. Where the functional areas mix – the design is born.

Contrasting elements of the interior, such as the stairs, aquarium, leisure furniture, mark areas in the space that are more important. White walls, colored by the sun, soft maple tones, anodized aluminum and clear glass identify as interior but there is no strict boundary between the inside and the outside of the house.

Limitless space and lots of fresh air plus rational, aesthetical simplicity – this is the emotional state of a yacht in the sea.