Who is living in the houses I paint? Nobody knows. But I like to think that the mysterious inhabitants are playful, happy. A little mischievous, even. Just like my way of painting. The heavens may be dark. It’s often night, maybe winter. But inside the houses, no one is freezing. A 5cm back mounted wooden frame, 6mm MDF-board a and lot of curiosity are the foundations of my paintings. My tools are brushes, waterproof ink pens, sandpaper, cloth and a lot of acrylic paint. Each painting has a title which gives the viewer a peek into what lies within, something to give their imagination a place to start. I often get comments about how happy my paintings make my viewers and buyers, and for me this is part of the special magic of being an artist. This awareness of the joy I bring to people infuses the art I create, continuing the cycle of positive awareness.