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Humptie / Humpty: noun
A cushioned footstool or low seat with no back.

Humpties are a new design-led brand of floor cushion which can be used for extra seating, coffee tables and footstools. Humpties are made in the UK, stuffed with English upland wool and have unique covers specifically designed for the humptie shape by new and emerging UK designers.

Humpties are fun, fab and functional bringing a bit of British humour and individuality to rooms all over the world.

We collaborate with new and emerging textile designers, graphic designers, illustrators and artists and have a positive impact on helping them launch their careers. Humptie designs are carefully selected from entries submitted to us via our competition which we run twice a year. Our unique upland wool inserts are extremely comfortable, hold their shape beautifully and require minimal plumping. We source wool and other supplies locally and stuff and stitch the humpties in our workshop in Cumbria.

It all began with a little 1950’s housecraft book.
Humpties – ‘a great asset to the home which may encourage the busy housewife to give herself that short break -– with her feet up – after the midday meal which will enable her to carry on with renewed vigour, and even possible give her a more hopeful outlook on the tasks which remain to be done. It’s funny how a short paragraph stumbled upon in a little vintage book can inspire an idea that grows and grows…