hyperion low stance
Hyperion Bash stopmotion animation By Niels Hoebers
Still Hyperion stop motion animation by Niels Hoebers
Still Hyperion stop motion animation by Niels Hoebers
Still Hyperion stop motion animation by Niels Hoebers
Detail backleg Oakwood version
Detail Hyperion
High stance pakwood version
Hyperion front view

Hyperion is the prototype for a series of different scaled and materialized Spotlights showing the beauty of mechanical components and their workings.
Breaking up again with all expected notions on how a product should look or function, Hyperion is finding a way of putting the world around us together in a unconventional but stimulating way. I
Instead of concealing and hiding a product’s constructional and mechanical functions this three legged spotlight celebrates them. It lets the user manipulate it to take any position between kneeling down and standing at the tip of its toes.

Material, oakwood profideck, Cnc cut, Hand assembled parts
This Is a scale version of a bigger 6m version in Steel that will be revealed preferrably at the next dutch design week 2014 in Eindhoven in front or on the building of Piet hein eek. This is just merely in the planning stage but i would like to put a super strong laser inside it that beams over the city….

Hyperion thanks his name for the use for a project concidering the redesign of the formal astronomic observatory on top of the island of Capri south Italy Amalfi coast. Where the lamp will illuminate the renovated buildings and scanning with lasers for anything that might enter the area..
hyperion was the Titan god of light, His name mens “watcher from above” or “he who goes above”
Together with Karmen Saat, Paul Heijnen , real estate developer Kurt Baumgartner and his team will keep you updated on this subject