Now you know why!
The Brain Bug
The Pandemic
All the bugs are completely hand-sculpted, embedded in resin, signed and numbered.
Halloween is around the corner...why get infected with the Zombie Bug....


I’m a Miami, based artist making these highly contagious, candy-colored ceramic bugs! The
concept is pretty simple: The Courage Bug–infects people with courage…and so on…I have 15 different ones. And please check the symptoms out…that’s what makes the bugs so much fun!

The bugs are not really for kids-but for the young-at-heart…



They are completely hand-sculpted, embedded in clear resin, signed and numbered.

I would love to reviewed/featured in your blog (fingers crossed ;-))
The bugs would make great holiday gifts–stocking stuffers etc…

***Oh, and Halloween is around the corner… There’s a Zombie Bug too!

I sell them only museum shops and high-end shops around Miami and the beach (KOTO, Splash, Elemental, Bass Museum…etc….)…but I am trying to get more online traffic to my website, so I’m reaching out to your super awesome blog….

Hope to hear from you soon, And I’m happy to send you a bug of choice…