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Fucking Princes
Fucking Princess

I MACULATE – still life with fake characters.

I MACULATE is a visual story about displaced characters. Outside their fake universe, do they adapt or break? Just wait and see the real fakes – a mermaid, a bunch of witches and a fucking princess – converted into everyday outfits.

IMACULATURA is an independent Bucharest based endeavor looking to bind together graphic design, fashion and art. We find it hard to label our work as exclusively fashion, even though it’s pretty wearable and you might easily place it in every day context. Our first series of clothes convert a tensed state of mind into object: real vs. fake.

These “costumes” are the trigger and the starting point of a whole set of actions we want to complete this fall.

We cannot wait to tell you the whole story of the project.

Author: Anca Adina Cojocaru
Accessories: Veronica Angelescu
Model: Simona Giura
Make-up: Ana Marin
Photography: Neil Coltofeanu