i ro se Fold 3F wallet in gray

Tokyo bag & accessory line i ro se, founded by designers (and brothers) Gen and Dai Takahashi, draws inspiration from such diverse disciplines as art, nature, science and philosophy to produce conceptual, origami-esque pieces that combine elegance with a spirit of playful creativity. Seemingly simple forms come to reveal a greater complexity that is both graceful and highly functional.

From the ‘Fold’ series this 3F trifold wallet, handmade in Tokyo, reveals itself in layers: peel back the first fold to uncover the coin pocket. Undo the second fold and you’ll see an inventive, three-dimensional array of intersecting card slots. Open the third layer to find the main body of the wallet, divided into three sections to separate bills or other paperwork and with two of the walls featuring a side slot for a single card. Outside of Japan, this product is exclusive to online bag & accessory boutique Roztayger.com. Available in gray, blue, pink with green coming soon.

Some background: The son of an artist, after training as a leather craftsman Dai got together with his brother to found this brand that draws upon the pair’s singular aesthetic and their shared childhood love of origami and making unique objects from whatever materials they could find around the parental home. These days the brothers’ creations are hand made by highly skilled craftsmen in Asakusa, a Tokyo neighborhood with a long artisanal tradition, and so i ro se’s ingenious designs are always underpinned by the highest quality construction. The word ‘irose’, no longer used, is ancient Japanese for ‘siblings’.