ICEHOTEL - warm story about a cold place

“ICEHOTEL – a warm story about a cold place”: The first “ski in ski out” photography and light exhibition in ice and snow in the world! made by photographer and sculptor Anna Öhlund and light designer John Pettersson InWhite Ljusmiljö AB from Sweden.

Exhibition Hall 2013 Jukkasjärvi, 200 km north from the Arctic Circle.
We wanted to capture the momentary, perishable and ever shifting Arctic light and life of the ICEHOTEL and Jukkasjärvi. We have to play an active role to capture the moment and to experience every day, not letting life pass us by but we also must let nature have it’s own cycles of life. We both work with the arctic light as a source of inspiration and in this exhibition hall the light experience takes 15 minutes. The light is shifting slowly in all the pictures and in the hall, coming and going very sublime.