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Los Angeles, California. (Nov 2nd 2012) Lemon ID, Inc.

An industrial design studio that challenges conventional devices with functional, chic concepts, announces the debut of the ICEPEN, the best precision touch pen on the market. Compatible with all major touch screen devices, the ICEPEN is aimed to be the most precise touch pen that is able to replace your favorite stylus or pen and completely satisfies consumer’s needs.

Thanks to the smart design and engineering that focuses heavily on functionality, the ICEPEN is the only writing instrument to combine a variety of unique features into a single device. It utilizes a transparent stylus disc that can rotate 50 degrees around a metal ball tip, which stimulates the most precise writing experience possible on touch screen device. Additionally, the ICEPEN has the world’s first transparent silicone tip, attached to one end of ICEPEN, boasting the anodized aluminum skin. These features are sufficiently unique; combine them with a traditional ballpoint ink pen and the result is a product that supersedes its competitors in form and function.

Expressive design that celebrates the dynamic purity of modern technology

The ICEPEN has a practical slim shape with a stunning twisted metal body, designed for maximum ergonomics while maintaining premium metal aspect. The vent is a reinterpretation of our future writing instrument’s vision. We want to breathe life into metal by our design language.

Unlike other metal pens or styluses with limited color selections that focus on being neutral, the ICEPEN is set to break this boundary by offering the ability to give subtle expression of your personality through our sleek and colorful collection.

Smart Design to thrive in the fast-booming transition toward touch screen technology

The ICEPEN’s design is all about extension of features. Our first line of stylus nibs already covered
the stylus market’s varied demands.

The Starwalker tip uses its transparency to create a unique detail of the ICEPEN. The interior of the tip is designed to provide soft and high sensitivity while creating comfort for fast navigation, gaming and quick jotting on the touch screen.

The Oval tip provides a substantive touch experience like using a highlighter pen or dry ease marker. The special shape was designed to simulate the touch of your finger with a curvy angled tip to ensure familiarity for sketching, drawing, and other writing activities that rely on dragging motion.

The Wide Angle tip is a hybrid of the Starwalker and Oval tips, a perfect match of a traditional soft rubber stylus tip and demanding solid stylus tip. The wider shape of the tip was designed to simulate the extreme angles of how one would normally hold a pencil.

Endless possibilities to extend features, green engineering DNA inspired.

When it comes to feature, the ICEPEN has unmatched possibilities for addition. Lemon will extend the ICEPEN’s features by developing special tips that attaches to the head of the touch pen, such as drumstick tips and paint-brush tips. Future development of these accessories will be based on our loyal customer’s demand.

Unlike other precision stylus with poor design structure, the ICEPEN is an inspiration of green engineering design. The most precious part of all precision styluses is the metal ball tip. Thanks to smart design driven, this part is 200% more durable and easier to replace than other comparable styluses that break so easily and eventually forcing you to create more unnecessary waste for the planet.

Punctuality is our habit!

The first shipment of the ICEPEN will be during Christmas holiday with price starting from $15 for the Basic Package and up to $49 for Special Editions. Elite, Premium, Drumstick and Valentine Edition will be shipping in February. The ICEPEN store will be available for preorder in December and the shipment will be in March 2013.